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Top 10 Tips On Travelling With Kids

This piece is our very first Guest Post on the Lightfoot Travel Blog. We value the travel advice and recommendations of our clients and friends, and we want to in turn share this with all our blog readers.

Today’s post was written by Hong Kong-based mother of two, Nicola Burke. Originally from London, Nicola has been living in Asia for the past nine years.  She has always been a traveler, from backpacking the globe to seeking out Asia’s finer luxury destinations.  After becoming Mum to two little girls she wanted to share her tips on making traveling with kids easier, and you can find all kinds of information on her site, Jetlag & Mayhem or follow her on Twitter.

The Burke Family at Ouray Mine, Colorado, USA

The Burke Family at Ouray Mine, Colorado, USA

  1. It’s all in the planning!  There are so many places you can turn to for advice from friends, online forums and guidance from a travel agent. It helps to read reviews on sites like Tripadvisor to ensure no nasty surprises.

    Packing wisely is key!

    Packing wisely is key!

  2. Pack wisely.  Save yourself weight and space by checking with your hotel in advance if they can provide sterilizer, cot etc. (some will even give you a stroller!).  Consult a packing list and work through methodically.
  3. Flying with kids can test the patience of a saint.  Bring age appropriate toys from stickers to a pack of coloured straws.  Be strict on the plane so the kids know that running up and down the aisle is out of bounds.  Once they get that taste of freedom, they’ll never sit still!
  4. Factor jetlag into your trip.  Flying East is tougher on the body than flying West.  On arrival, switch onto a local routine and get as much daylight as possible.
  5. Don’t let your kids dictate your entire itinerary – planning a vacation is an exercise in balance.  For younger kids, it’s good to mix sightseeing with a trip to a local park or children’s museum.
  6. Get the kids excited and educated about where you’re going.  Teach them some local phrases and show them where your destination is on a map of the world.
  7. The best way to experience a destination is to eat like a local.  It’s worth doing advance research on this to find recommendations for family friendly restaurants.  Street food is always fun but be mindful of hygiene, especially with young kids.  I always have hand sanitizer within easy reach.

    Make sure to switch off and above all, relax and enjoy your trip.

    Make sure to switch off and above all, relax and enjoy your trip.

  8. Plan for emergencies.  Pack a decent medical kit and make sure you’ve got your insurance and allergy details documented.
  9. Pencil in some ‘you time’.  Don’t be shy of booking a hotel babysitter or using a Kids Club.  Chances are your kids will have a great time too!
  10. Switch off from life and enjoy your trip.  There are many great ways to record the memories from photobooks to creating a video of your trip.  My four year old even has a flying logbook where she sticks in all her old boarding passes.  One important tip – back up your photos where you can on to your laptop/iPad!




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  1. Sometimes its quite risky to have a trip with kids. Your article shows you are an experienced traveler and knows much. Thank you for being a helper for people like me. ;)

    December 20, 2013
  2. Your article is really inspiration for all family travelers specially those who have small kids with them.
    I will be traveling with my kid alone and will be using your travel tips for sure.
    I write articles or trip reports for JoGuru and want to suggest you also to add trip reports of you on it.

    March 19, 2014

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