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Top 10 destinations for 2014

Another year gone by and our thirst for travel is still not satiated! 2014 is looking out to be an adventure-filled year, and we have cherry-picked our favourite destinations for you to discover. Are you ready to hit the road? Then let’s go!

The snow-capped mountains of Bayan-Olgi, the seemingly never-ending Gobi desert, the horses roaming freely through the plains and the sparkling lakes of Khovsgol are just a few of Mongolia’s hidden treasures. In addition to its natural beauty, Mongolia boasts a plethora of Buddhist temples and monasteries (Gandantegchinlen monastery, Erdene Zuu monastery, Amarbayasgalant monastery and Shankh monastery, to name a few) and the people are renowned for their legendary hospitality.

The land of Genghis Khan is still quite under the radar so hurry there to see the country’s unspoilt beauty.

The Mongolian desert

The Mongolian desert


Taiwan: when mentioned, images of high-rise buildings come to mind, but the country has so much more to offer. Taiwan has numerous beautiful natural landscapes that are begging to be discovered. Taroko National Park, which is one of the seven wonders of Asia, is renowned for its winding tunnels and steep marble cliffs. Definitely on our must-see list! Another of Taiwan’s hidden gems are its islands: Kinmen and Matsu (for its traditional villages and pagodas), Penghu (known for its beautiful beaches, temples and as for being a sporting mecca for windsurfers).

Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park

Papua – Indonesia

Papua is most certainly Indonesia like you’ve never seen it before. The world’s second largest island, formerly known as Irian Jaya, is a land of varied biodiversity and rich culture. An off the radar diving destination, Papua is sure to impress by its incredible marine life and untouched, impenetrable jungle.


Island hop in Raja Ampat


If there were a place on Earth where magic could exist, Iceland would most certainly be that mystical land. The country is famed for its iridescent Northern lights, a seemingly mythical phenomenon. In addition to Mother Nature’s light show, Iceland boasts many natural wonders such as volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers, to name but a few. A holiday to Iceland is bound to be a reinvigorating experience.


Iceland’s magical landscape


If you’ve already ridden a Vespa in Rome, had a romantic gondola ride in Venice and eaten pasta to your heart’s content in Florence, you may think that you’ve seen all of Italy. Here’s our list of Italian cities just waiting to be unearthed.
- Matera, in the South of Italy is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and home to the UNESCO World Heritage site Sassi.

- The Lazio lakes, a short drive from Rome are surrounded by medieval villages. The region showcases diverse landscapes, from a sandy coastline to woods and marshlands to volcanic lakes. Not to be missed!

- A trip to Italy is obviously incomplete without a tour to wine country. The Langhe Valley, the birth place of the ‘Slow Food’ movement, is a wonderful alternative to Tuscany. Sip a glass of the region’s Barolos and enjoy the view of the vineyards, all the while sampling delectable Italian delicacies.

Ah, la Dolce Vita – still as appealing as ever!

Italy (2)

Italy’s wine country


The Serengeti is synonymous to Tanzania: wildlife roaming, hunting, sleeping right before your eyes, and what a sight! That being said, Tanzania is also host to amazing coastlines, crystal clear waters and white sand. Tanzania’s Spice Islands will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe (minus all the inconveniences of being stranded on a deserted island!), perfect to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.


Tanzania’s breathtaking wilderness


Land of rum, cigars and salsa, Cuba is always a surprise, which is why we cannot get enough of this little piece of Caribbean paradise. La Havana’s cultural richness is discernible at every turn and is still very much unspoilt from mass tourism. The architecture and vintage cars will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Escape the capital city and wander the island’s beaches, or lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Camaguey. Whatever you choose to do in Cuba, chances are you’ll be coming back for more!


El Nicho Falls, Cuba


If you are an avid hiker, Peru is a must visit destination. Follow the Inca trail and discover the once lost city of Machu Picchu, or trek the Andes and be taken away by the beauty of the region. Peru is a country teeming with mystery and diverse sceneries ranging from deserts to snow-capped mountains to the lush vegetation of the Amazon rain forest… A true adventure awaits!

Peru Machu Picchu

The lost city of Machu Picchu


Abraham and Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ are all linked to Jordan. Whether you are religious or not, following in their footsteps is bound to be a spiritual adventure. The country is home to close to a hundred sites of biblical importance: the Dead Sea, Mount Hor, Lot’s Cave, Mount Nebo…

Jordan - Al-Siq 1

Penetrating Petra


NYC and CA: probably the most touristic regions of the USA, and rightly so!

It would take a lifetime to know New York City like the back of your hand and the city is constantly morphing, making each visit to the Big Apple a new discovery. We just can’t get enough of the architecture, the skyline and the great vibes! New York is a wonderfully multifaceted metropolis – somewhere where every language, culture and cuisine is represented…

California, the “Golden State” is renowned for its famous cities, stunning landscapes, superb food & wine. San Francisco and LA still remain amongst our favourite American cities, but for next year, we have decided to travel the nature route and explore the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert, Death Valley, Napa Valley, and Yosemite.

The New York City skyline

The New York City skyline

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